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Freetown, Sierra Leone, 19th September, 2019, MoPED- As part of his continued engagement with Development Partners, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, Dr. Francis M. Kai-Kai hosted the United State Agency for International Development (USAID) Country Representative to Sierra Leone, Miriam Lutz, on Thursday, 19th September, 2019, at the Ministry’s Tower Hill Office in Freetown.
The meeting focused on the USAID support to Sierra Leone and issues relating to deepening collaboration between the two institutions.
In her presentation, Miriam Lutz enlisted the United States Government support to Sierra Leone in the following priority areas;
On Agriculture, Economic Growth, and Food Security, Madam Lutz stated that the Agency work to sustainably strengthen the Country’s capacity in the agriculture sector, including support to provide access to markets via supply chain enhancements, and expanded integrated inland aquaculture.
She explained the Agency’s work on Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance, noting that their program is centered on public accountability with the goal of increasing public trust in government. She further stated that their aim on this category is to strengthen democracy, human rights, access to justice, and Media freedom by working with Sierra Leoneans to build government accountability, ensure responsive public instructions, strengthen judiciary process, and promote strong democratic norms and processes.
On Global Health, which encapsulates the Agency’s flagship health programs in Sierra Leone, the USAID Country Representative to Sierra Leone underscores their support to the nationwide expansion and scale-up of lifesaving, high impact health interventions in public and private health facilities in the areas of neglected tropical diseases; malaria prevention and control; global health security; maternal child health; and family planning. She maintained that the USAID also provides technical assistance, commodities and equipment to Sierra Leone’s primary health care delivery system and the community health worker program.
She called on the Minister to look in to the concerns raised by Development Partners and NGOs regarding the Development Cooperation Framework. She further called on the Minister to coordinate requests for data from USAID within Government, as different MDAs requests for the same information from them.
She applauded the Minister for his in-depth understanding on development issues and his openness to dialogue.
In his response, the Minister of Planning and Economic Development, Dr. Francis M. Kai-Kai thanked the team for their support to the Government and People of Sierra Leone over the years and reassure Government’s commitment to strengthening the relationship with partners. He noted that the US Government is a very valuable partner to Sierra Leone.
Dr. Kai-Kai recognised their focus and support to Governance, Agriculture, Economic Growth and the Health Sector and called on them to create jobs within these sectors as its key to changing the narratives of Sierra Leone.
He assured the USAID Country Representatives that the Development Corporation Framework is not meant to stifle the work of development partners but rather is a framework for proper cooperation and collaboration, which, he said, will be reviewed alongside the implementation of the Medium-Term National Development Plan. He informed them that he recently held a meeting with the NGO family where he assured them of his Ministry’s support and urged them to ensure that their activities are aligned to the Medium-Term National Development Plan.
He noted USAID valuable collaboration in the development of the Medium-Term National Development Plan. He intimated the team that MoPED will soon commence district discussions in the priority areas of the plan to ensure ownership of the people. He said Development Partners will be joining these district discussions.
Both the Minister and madam Lutz underscored the need for data for evidence base decision making. To this end, Dr. Kai-Kai said he will facilitate the collaboration between Statistics Sierra Leone and USAID and ensure that they be part of Stats Sierra Leone data users. This will enhance the smooth work of the monitoring and evaluation system that is currently been developed by MoPED.
He told the USAID team that the Development Partnership Committee (DEPAC) meetings will be reconfigured to allow for in-depth deliberations on sectors based on the MTNDP clusters. District DEPAC meetings, he said, will also be organized to give partners the opportunity to see how their projects are impacting the lives of beneficiaries in remote communities.
Dr. Francis Kai-Kai concluded by assuring the USAID team of his Ministry’s commitment to deepening the partnership with development partners and NGOs.
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By: Alfred Kabia

Minister of Planning and Economic Development
Dr. Francis M. Kai-Kai

Dr. Francis M. Kai-Kai

(MoPED Press Office Freetown: Wednesday 19th June, 2019) The Parliament of Sierra Leone has on Wednesday 19th June 2019 approved the Second Report of the Committee on Appointments and the Public Service presented by the Leader of Government Business, Hon. Mohamed Sidie Tunis in the well of parliament in respect of the Presidential Nominee, Dr. Francis M. Kai-Kai.

Dr. Francis M. Kai-Kai was recently appointed by His Excellency The President, Julius Maada Bio to serve in the capacity as Minister of Planning and Economic Development to use his wealth of experience in achieving the development aspirations of the New Direction’s Agenda and the implementation of the Medium Term National Development   Plan.

Dr. Kai- Kai is a household name in Sierra Leone and beyond that is synonymous to development.

Before his new appointment as Minister of Planning and Economic Development, Dr. Kai- Kai was Sierra Leone’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations where he had already gained a 13 years managerial and professional experience which forms part of his 30 years expert knowledge in diverse disciplines.

Left to Right:Dr Moikowa,Dr.Kai-Kai and P. N. Sam -Kpakra

Dr. Francis Kaikai served in different capacities during the country’s transition period in enhancing a sustainable democratic era. Prior to that, during Rtd. Brig. Bio’s 3 months tenure as Head of State under the National Provisional Ruling Council (NPRC), he was appointed Secretary of State for Education. Later, he served as Director of the National Commission for Reconciliation, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction (NCRRR) otherwise called the Triple ‘R’ Commission and later became the Executive Director of the then National Commission for Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (NCDDR), a flagship programme of the then SLPP government which saw the first Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) released. He also headed the Development Assistance Coordinating Office (DACO), then in the Office of the President.

After performing diligently in all those task full assignments, he left in 2005 for the UN Mission in Sudan and has been working for the UN until his two recent appointments by the SLPP as Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations and   Minister of Planning and Economic Development respectively.

Dr. Kai-Kai flanked by a Cross Section of MoPED staff after his approval at Parliament








The National Authorising Office announces four new EU-Funded contracts to strengthen the agricultural sector in Sierra Leone

The National Authorising Office of Sierra Leone (NAO) today (20th August 2019) announces contracts worth almost €10,000,000 in total, for four new EU-funded projects to promote diversification in the agricultural sector.


The contracts have been awarded under the Boosting Agriculture and Food Security (BAFS) Programme, financed through the 11th European Development Fund. BAFS is intended to contribute to reduction of poverty and food insecurity in Sierra Leone through better governance and increased agricultural productivity and diversification.


Details of the four contracts awarded are as follows:


Solidaridad Network West Africa
Project Title: Develop a Vibrant, Competitive and Profitable Sierra Leonean Cocoa, Coffee and Cashew Economy, Driven by Private Supply Chain Actors Within a National Regulatory Framework in Sierra Leone
Contract Amount Beneficiary Districts Implementation Period Key Objectives
Total project amount: €4,000,000.00


EU contribution: €3,200,000.00


Solidaridad contribution: €800,000.00


Kono, Kailahun Kenema


Bonthe, Bombali

Port Loko Pujehun, Western Rural Koinadugu

48 months Efficient and effective value chains of cash crops for export are promoted, increasing quality and quantity of production, processing, marketing and trading, and implementing environmentally sustainable agricultural practices.


Project Title: Diversifying and Boosting Crop Production in Sierra Leone
Contract Amount Beneficiary Districts Implementation Period Key Objectives
Total project amount: €2,639,901.86


EU contribution: €2,375,911.67


Oxfam GB contribution: €263,990.19

Koinadugu Bombali


Port Loko Moyamba



48 months Enhanced food security through improved farming techniques adaptable to climate change, increased market access and local entrepreneurship.



Stitching BRAC International
Project Title: Improving Food Security and Increasing Income for Smallholder Farmers Through Sustainable Livestock Production in Sierra Leone
Contract Amount Beneficiary Districts Implementation Period Key Objectives
Total project amount: €1,665,561.72


EU contribution: €1,499,005.62


Stitching BRAC International contribution:  €166,556.10

Pujehun, Bonthe


Western Rural


36 months To improve food security and reduce poverty for 4,140 smallholder livestock farmers through fostering diversification of the livestock sector and developing a better functioning livestock value chain.



Project Title: Diversifying and Boosting Women Centred Livestock Production
Contract Amount Beneficiary Districts Implementation Period Key Objectives
Total project amount: €1,647,971.13


EU contribution: €1,500,000


Oxfam GB contribution: €147,971.13




Port Loko



48 months Improved livelihood, income and empowerment of target population through increased and diversified production, processing and marketing, assuring added value chain in the livestock sector.

Dr. Francis Kai-Kai, the Minister of Planning and Economic Development and the National Authorising Officer for Sierra Leone, said: “Agriculture is the main source of livelihood in Sierra Leone, particularly for the poor rural households, and a major contributor to our GDP. Improving agricultural productivity and diversity is critical for the alleviation of poverty and the progress of our country. These four new contracts represent a major contribution from the European Union, which will help drive agricultural development and diversification, and encourage the participation of women and young people in the sector. The MOPED will closely monitor implementation of these projects to ensure effective delivery to targeted communities”

EU Ambassador Tom Vens added “As EU we continue to support initiatives for durable economic growth. Growth that creates fair jobs where they are most needed. Development that respects the environment and that transfers know-how to local actors. Support to agricultural diversification and the development of value chains offers great potential to realise this ambition through a strong partnership with the Government of Sierra Leone, private sector operators and building on the managerial and technical expertise of our NGO partners who will implement these four new projects.”

The National Authorising Office (NAO) under the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development (MOPED) is the Contracting Authority for the 11th EDF with the mandate of facilitating the mobilisation, management and coordination of European Union Development Assistance to Sierra Leone, in accordance with the Cotonou Partnership Agreement between the European Union (EU) and the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) States, and to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with the new Medium Term National Development Plan and strategies.


For more information contact – Alfred Kabia, Public Relations Officer (MoPED) +23279174027 or Fatima Warritay, Junior Non-Key Expert, (NAO) +23276622111